Anthony Deaton


Anthony Deaton is a composer, guitarist, and singer from the USA. He has worked as a session musician, arranger, composer, and orchestrator, as well as having a background in audio engineering. Anthony is constantly working to create and inspire, so we hope you enjoy your visit to this site and that you come back often for all the latest creations from Anthony Deaton!

Anthony's Philharmonic

Anthony's Philharmonic is a project that Anthony has been laboring on for quite some time. A shortage of freely available pro-quality virtual instruments inspired Anthony to create virtual instruments vastly superior to anything that has been offered for free previously. Anthony's Philharmonic utilizes instrument samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios, and The Philharmonia Orchestra; however, Anthony has personally remastered, tuned, and looped all samples to bring out the very best in every instrument. We truly believe this to be the finest instrument library that is freely available today.

Most instruments in Anthony's Philharmonic are chromatically sampled in three velocity layers, although some instruments have more or less layers and notes. Great effort has been made to make sure that the transition between layers is as smooth and connected as possible, so you will find very little “jolt” (which is prevalent in many other libraries) between velocity layers.

SFZ is the recommended format, as you will be able to keyswitch between the following articulations for most instruments: Ordinario, Major 2nd Trill, Minor 2nd Trill, Long Crescendo, Short Crescendo, Long Diminuendo, and Short Diminuendo. For those who can't make use of the SFZ format, SF2 has also been provided; however, several features will be missing compared to the full SFZ version, as the SFZ format is much more advanced allowing for many programming options not available in SF2.

Anthony's Philharmonic has been a massive undertaking of many, many hours of audio engineering and computer coding and your support is greatly needed to ensure the continuation of this project. If you would like to donate to keep this project alive please click the link below.